Straight Forward Strata Services

Advice, knowledge, and solutions to advance strata communities

Whether you need strata management services for four lots or four hundred, we can help.

We manage everything from simple strata lots to diverse, complex strata schemes including part-strata schemes, building committees, community associations and mixed-use schemes containing both residential and commercial lots.

We also work with developers and agents to establish and manage new strata schemes

Our specialised strata management services are tailored to empower owners of strata-titled properties in enhancing the value and performance of their strata assets. We provide expert financial management, targeted maintenance support, and governance advice, all aimed at fortifying your strata asset. Through streamlined operations and personalised solutions, we strive to simplify the oversight of your property, ensuring they are managed for sustained growth and profitability.

A core function imposed upon an owner’s corporation is the administration of its strata scheme. Our office relieves the administrative burden for our clients and ensures notices and records are accurately maintained along with providing assistance with the administration and facilitation of owners’ corporation meetings

Guidance through the management and enforcement of by-laws. We partner with legal professionals to support you in re-drafting, amending or reviewing by-laws. Our strata management team are experts in this area

Proactive communications with our community about upcoming changes to legislation and measures to ensure your property and its owners corporation remains compliant.

Hassle-free creation and maintenance of your scheme’s trust account out of your hands and into those of our experts. Whether it’s the simple tasks of issuing levy notices or paying invoices on your behalf, or you need a hand preparing administration and sinking fund annual budgets – we are here to support you.

Organisation and management of quotes for building insurance renewal from appropriate insurance companies, brokers and/or underwriters, as well as renewing or placing building insurance and lodging routine insurance claims on behalf of your scheme.

Whether you are seeking guidance on an existing strata complex or, you are working on a new strata project, Wellman Strata can provide consulting services to assist you with the desired outcome. Whether that be delivering managerial advice in connection with the project or, connecting you with the rightly skilled people – solicitors, tradespeople or marketing agents – we are here to provide the right expertise and guidance throughout the planning, budgeting and occupancy stages of the project.