About Wellman Strata

Dedicated to Helping Your Strata Community Thrive.

Our story

Established in 2009, Wellman Strata is the culmination of a life-long dream held by director, David Wellman, to own and run his own business.

David’s desire to run a business came from wanting a career with purpose – doing something that created success and opportunity for others.

An early start in real estate opened his eyes to the world of strata management. In 1999 this wasn’t an industry he knew much about.

By 2009, when the doors of Wellman Strata opened for the first time, David’s passion, skill and excellence in his craft had become well-honed and well-recognised.

Fast forward and Wellman Strata is a successful, thriving business supporting a range of strata activities and providing straightforward consulting solutions.

Today Wellman Strata’s talented team of specialists and strata managers, are wrapped in a culture of family, fun and deep respect for their clients.

For the Wellman Strata team success is closely tied to the communities they work with. Supporting these communities to thrive is what gets them moving each and every day.

The Wellman Strata Way is based on our core principles


Putting the client first has become a standard line that means ‘keep them happy enough to retain the account’. This is fundamentally flawed because it’s transactional. We see clients as people first. We value their trust and don’t provide any advice we wouldn’t take and use ourselves. We believe in supporting our clients in finding the best solution.


We’re on the same team, rowing in the same direction, all rolling up our sleeves to deliver for clients and with our clients. We know that clients are diverse, with their unique expectations and needs. We treat them as knowledgeable and as the decision-maker. We do our homework and provide them with options and information with an informed perspective that empowers them to decide and act.


Our expertise is what solves problems, removes barriers, and drives success. We’re transparent with our expertise and in all communications. We are, in essence, a team of ‘simplifiers’, making the complex understandable and accessible. We guide clients and support them to understand what the best solution is and why it is. Transparent, honest, and clear communication is the basis of how we deliver on our clients’ aspirations.


We take our role as the experts in Strata Management seriously.  We get that this world can sometimes be complex. Our role is to use our expertise to simplify and find the right solutions for every client.

Leadership Team