Your Investment: Straight. Forward.

Make all your strata management decisions straightforward, with us.

Moving your community forward

Communities thrive when they’re continually moving forward. That requires clarity of direction, purposeful action, and a strata management team with integrity – immersed in the communities they serve. Make all your strata management decisions straightforward, with Wellman Strata.

Straight. Forward.
Advancing Strata Management

Confidence in Your Investment

Securing your peace of mind regarding your investment is at the heart of our service. Our goal is to foster your community’s growth, safeguard your assets, and ensure unhindered development.

Solution-Oriented Mindset

Constantly putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes guides our approach. We offer advice that aligns with what we’d choose, empowering our clients to discover optimal solutions.

Streamlining Complexity

Our belief revolves around continuously seeking simpler, more efficient solutions. While Strata Management can be intricate, our primary role is to demystify it, making the process more understandable and accessible.

Comprehensive Professional Backing

When you choose us, you can access a network of highly skilled consultants and specialists. Our partnerships extend to industry-leading professionals, including strata lawyers, external auditors, accountants, bankers, planning consultants, engineers, and maintenance crews, ensuring comprehensive and top-tier support for your needs.

Member of Strata Community Association

Wellman Strata is a corporate member of the Strata Community Association, Australia’s peak industry body for strata and community title management.

Effortless Technology Integration

Our commitment to advancing strata management extends through the efficient utilisation of technology. Our dedicated IT specialists tirelessly work to integrate user-friendly, cutting-edge systems, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Your Information, Your Control

Gain immediate access to your strata information with our personalised login to the owner portal. It’s designed to provide you and your community (or committee) with all the critical information required to meet your strata needs efficiently and effectively.

Work With Us

Join our committed team of specialists and strata managers. We’re always on the lookout for talent. If you think Wellman Strata could be for you, reach out to for a conversation, or to see if there are any current vacancies.

Admin or Advance?

Wellman Strata exists to advance your asset, advance the community your asset supports, and advance the strata management industry as a whole.

3 Steps to Advance



We start with a thorough initial assessment of the strata property and meet with key stakeholders to understand the issues and expectations. Expectations for communication are set from the beginning, reducing misunderstandings. Our goal is to identify areas for improvement and support Strata Committees to get a transparent view of the value we will deliver to build a partnership on trust.



Consistent delivery is our mantra. With regular updates and reports, we will design and deliver a customised service plan that will show Strata Committees what we are doing and how we deliver value. Our expertise is of a different calibre: we harness the latest technology and tools, as well as our industry-leading knowledge, to ensure delivery of projects and resolution of legal and financial matters is consistent, high-quality, and responsive to changing needs. You can have complete confidence in the competence of the strata management team, knowing our expertise is safeguarding your investment.



With a clear understanding in place, we provide ongoing support that ensures Strata Committees and owners feel in control. Our expert support empowers our partners to assert control over potentially challenging situations while fostering stronger community cohesion through consistent and clear communication. Financial empowerment means you can make informed decisions and exercise control over your financial well-being.

Our ongoing efforts in continuous improvement provide strong assurances that your investment is well protected.